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Ontleding des menschelyken lichaams… by Govard Bidloo and Gérard de Lairesse.
Amsterdam, 1690. Copperplate engraving with etching. National Library of Medicine.

Faustino Andeloni

n112_w1150 by BioDivLibrary on Flickr.
Female genitalia & foetus in utero, Orcaella brevirostris the Irrawaddy dolphin
The Lithograph is by ‘C. Berjeau’ I havn’t been able to find out much about him apart from various people praising his undoubted skill as an artist for example:
“I am indebted for my illustrations (Plate XIV which is from photographs by myself excepted) to the spirited pencil of my friend Mr C. Berjeau ” - James Bell Pettigrew in ‘On the Mechanical Appliances by which Flight is attained in the Animal Kingdom’ Transactions of the Linnean Society, Volume 26
“The drawing have (with the exception of six figures of fossil remains) been executed by Mr C. Berjeau and engraved by Mr. Ferrier. I feel bound to express my sense of the skill evinced in their execution” St. George Jackson Mivart in ‘The cat an introduction to the study of backboned animals, especially mammals’ 

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It’s only appropriate that my first post be my own original work. This is a rendering of Yaggy’s 1885 medical illustration with a few liberties of my own.